Mulholland Dr.

Directed by David Lynch •  2001

For the first time this summer, I am at a loss to choosing a rating (or a kernel in this case) for a film. But David Lynch will do that to you, creating an experience so out of the ordinary that you do not know what to think of it. But you keep thinking about it! If films were measured by long they last with you, then Mulholland Dr. a masterpiece, a spine-chilling, haunting work that will keep you puzzling over it for days, maybe years. But as for if i enjoyed this film, I cannot say. I certainly admire its originality and its ability to keep me tense the entire 147 minutes. The premise is even very similar to a film I made in high school, but of course Lynch pulls it off masterfully. There is no doubt in my mind that Lynch is a great director, but as for the film I cannot say.

It certainly is an interesting one. The basic story follows Betty (Naomi Watts), a girl who moves into her aunt’s apartment in hopes of becoming a successful Hollywood actress. Upon her arrival she meets Rita, who has survived a brutal car accident and can not remember who she is. Together they roam the streets of the City of Dreams searching for clues to Rita’s past, journeying between the realms of dreams and reality.


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